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Oh Circular, Circular. Where Art Thou Circular?

8 Sep

How many times have you gone to the mailbox, looked in, rolled your eyes, and walked straight over to the recycling bin? Junk. Ads and circulars…

For all of you that have been lost to the garbage or paged through and not completely clipped (if clipped at all)…I’m sorry. And I miss you.

You see, here in Jacksonville we don’t get those in the mail. Over this past winter (while still in PA) I finally decided that maybe coupons were a good idea. My home now consisting of two children, boyfriend, three turtles, and a dog…possibly it was time to start saving. Especially since I spent much of my pregnancy out of work accompanied by an extended maternity leave. Just an FYI…you don’t get paid for that!

We could use the help!

I had a coupon wallet. An organizational application for my phone. I eagerly awaited Friday to clip and make lists. It was like coupon heaven. Weekly ads. Coupon catalogs. Local specials. Where do I begin!?!

But alas, those days are long gone. I get the occasional pizza chain coupons. Perhaps a deal or two on where to get my oil changed. But where, where are my pages and pages of ads. Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Red Plum, Target, Home Depot, Lowes…*le sigh*

I obsessively watch Extreme Couponing jealous or their savvy yet exhausted by it at the same time. Their wealth of coupons which seems like a wealth of money and like entirely way too much work. I’ve recently starting relying on friends up north to send me their unwanted circulars. I get information from friends who have taken classes and joined local groups looking to help those save a buck in this tough economy. I figure I can do this on a scaled down level. Enough to meet my needs and afford me the ability to put both at least one of my children through college down the line.

Listed below are some fun and inventive sites that helped this mama get her couponing groove back and find a way to save in place that doesn’t seem to want her to save!

  1. House Party – Test products and get them free and/or discounted. Plus a great way to get friends and family together in on the process.
  2. Clipper Girl’s Saving Spot – Up-to-date. Lots of interaction with fellow “couponers.” Great for those of us in areas without a lot of coupons and needing access to clippers.
  3. Stock Piling Moms…a guide to frugal living – Great information. Nice blogging community. You can get coupons on the site or reach out to clippers.

Hello Jacksonville!

7 Sep

It’s one thing to go one vacation.

…it’s another thing to move to your vacation.

HOW do you make your playground in to a life? Day by day that is what I am finding out.

It April of 2011 I picked up my family and headed south. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania life was taking its toll.

  • 40+ hr work weeks
  • 3+ hrs daily in a car
  • Constant sick kids
  • Working + commuting + co-habitating with boyfriend = you take the downstairs, I’ll take the upstairs. I’ll see you in the morning.
  • Inviting friends over only to fall asleep on the couch


Hello Jacksonville, North Carolina! Home of my family-away-from-my-actual-family. New town. New career. New life. New attitude. But will it actually work?

Four months in and there are many days that I have my doubts. Starting my own business. Unsteady work. Lower cost of living. Where can I get a decent hoagie? Sales tax on clothes. What’s a girl to do?

I still spend way too much time with my boyfriend. Though we seem to enjoy it more. It’s at home, where it should be. I get to see my kids. They’ve only gotten sick three times since we’ve relocated. I’m still working on making some new friends and seem to make it past 8:00pm and even out in public on some occasions.

So I guess you could say “So far, so good.”

Every day presents a new challenge. One day I win. One day I lose. But at the end of each day I am exactly where I want to be.