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Hello Jacksonville!

7 Sep

It’s one thing to go one vacation.

…it’s another thing to move to your vacation.

HOW do you make your playground in to a life? Day by day that is what I am finding out.

It April of 2011 I picked up my family and headed south. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania life was taking its toll.

  • 40+ hr work weeks
  • 3+ hrs daily in a car
  • Constant sick kids
  • Working + commuting + co-habitating with boyfriend = you take the downstairs, I’ll take the upstairs. I’ll see you in the morning.
  • Inviting friends over only to fall asleep on the couch


Hello Jacksonville, North Carolina! Home of my family-away-from-my-actual-family. New town. New career. New life. New attitude. But will it actually work?

Four months in and there are many days that I have my doubts. Starting my own business. Unsteady work. Lower cost of living. Where can I get a decent hoagie? Sales tax on clothes. What’s a girl to do?

I still spend way too much time with my boyfriend. Though we seem to enjoy it more. It’s at home, where it should be. I get to see my kids. They’ve only gotten sick three times since we’ve relocated. I’m still working on making some new friends and seem to make it past 8:00pm and even out in public on some occasions.

So I guess you could say “So far, so good.”

Every day presents a new challenge. One day I win. One day I lose. But at the end of each day I am exactly where I want to be.